About Us

Welcome to our blog! We are Jim and Cassie Clouse, and we decided this might be a fun way to document our first big project as a married couple: building a little log cabin in the woods. Along the way, I imagine there will be posts that include running because we tend to do that a lot.

We were married in May of 2015 during a rather non-conventional event. We decided to have our ceremony during the middle of a 32 mile ultra marathon. Everything was on course until mile 14 when Cassie sprained her ankle. After Cassie jumped around on one leg for a short time and Jim convinced her to sit down on a rock for a few minutes, we continued along. We made it just in time to the ceremony and were married.

Jim's dad, who is a retired basketball coach, taped the ankle which saved the rest of the race. We finished the race and headed out to (as you might have guessed) a cabin in the woods! Since we both love the idea of having a log cabin, we decided to begin the dream. No idea where we might end up with the project so this could get interesting! Stay tuned!

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