Monday, May 30, 2016

After a brief rain delay, we have more progress

After deciding on a contractor and getting on his schedule, we thought that progress would be swift.  The driveway was roughed in, a half acre was cleared with grass planted, and the shed was nearing completion.  The barn material had been purchased and was waiting for us at Menards. DP&L was contacted for electricity installation and we were on their schedule. Unfortunately, that driveway would have to be in a more finished condition for any heavy trucks to be able to deliver anything. All we had to do was wait for a couple of dry days for the top layer of soil to be removed. Then it rained for a month solid....

The day before Cassie and I took a weekend getaway to Hocking Hills, we were told that the driveway had been started. We were very excited to see it on the way to Logan, but we had to see it in a downpour of rain! Still, it was nice to see something done.

In the meantime, I had a chance to get some more of the land cleared with the big mower pulled behind the old Ford. Clearing weeds and a chunk of cedar trees made the place look completely different. We had joked that we were glad the previous owner didn't mow any of the land, as it would have made the property look a lot more desirable. We found several scenic spots where a little landscaping would make a tremendous difference.

I remember thinking that I could build the 10' x 20' storage shed during my spring break. As it turns out it was a huge undertaking which is just now, nearly 2 months later, just starting to see an end. The last of the roof panels just went up, and now I'm wondering how the roof cap will go on.

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