Thursday, January 28, 2016

Land Ho!

Jim keeps threatening to write a blog post... one of these days :-). This week was a big week for the Clouse clan. After months and months, the purchaser finally closed on Jim's house. After 6+ months, it seemed as though it might be a pipe dream, but lo and behold it happened! We celebrated with a 7 mile run and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, sans cheesecake. If you know me, you know I quit cake and the like 4 years ago. Yay, me!  Poor Jim turned down the cheesecake as well but seemed happy enough with a second loaf of honey wheat brown bread.

While we were waiting for Jim's place to sell, we spent a lot of time searching online and driving around to find a spot that had everything we wanted at a price that wasn't crazy. After many miles and one false start, today we closed on 6 acres in an area where we were really hoping to find some land. So, the adventure begins!


  1. So it far from where you live now?

  2. Helen, it is about a 35 minute drive or so. Not too far.